2017 Poomsae Competition Prep & Rumble

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On March 25th, Shiba TKD hosted our first ever Poomsae Competition Prep and Rumble. Students from 4 Taekwondo schools in Utah and 4 of our USAT Certified Referees from Utah came together to practice and improve their skills for nearly 5 hours.

What makes this different from a tournament?  Everything was run the same except we did not award medals, the students were not competing against each other and most important, after each student performed their poomsae and were scored using the iPoomsae, the student approached the judges and received a few minutes of invaluable verbal feedback as to their form and their score. A volunteer also sat near the judges and wrote down this feedback on a card for the student to take home with them. We organized our participants into four flights  – white/yellow, green, blue/red, and black. At the completion of an entire flight, the referees gathered everyone together and gave them feedback as a group.  Prior to the individual members of each flight being called into the ring just as in a competition, they experienced the holding area just as they will in competition. Then, Master Shiba addressed each flight for several minutes to instruct them as to competition poomsae procedures – uniforms, using your warm up time effectively, bowing to your coach, entering and exiting the ring, etc.

Feedback from the referees and participants was very positive!