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Frequently Asked Questions

Located in Clearfield, Utah our Davis County Taekwondo school is within easy access of I-15 and is within easy driving distance of the following Northern Utah communities:

  • Layton, Utah
  • Hill AFB, Utah
  • Syracuse, Utah
  • Sunset, Utah
  • Clinton, Utah
  • Roy, Utah
  • West Point, Utah
  • South Weber, Utah
  • West Haven, Utah
  • Riverdale, Utah
  • Hooper, Utah
  • West Haven, Utah
  • South Ogden, Utah
  • Ogden, Utah
  • North Ogden, Utah
  • Brigham City, Utah
  • Kaysville, Utah
  • Fruit Heights, Utah
  • Farmington, Utah
  • Bountiful, Utah
  • Centerville, Utah
  • Woods Cross, Utah
  • North Salt Lake, Utah
  • Salt Lake City, Utah and other communities along the Wasatch Front

In addition, Shiba TKD is located less than an hour drive from other Northern Utah communities such as Logan. It is just over an hour from Malad City, Idaho and other Southern Idaho communities.

We are located in Clearfield, Utah. Please go to our Contact Us page for more specific information on finding us. Our martial arts school is easy to locate and within easy access of I-15.

Often, we say we are going to a fitness class, whether we are specifically heading off to an aerobics, kick boxing, pilates, yoga or spinning class. Similarly, karate is often the name we Americans say when referring to martial arts – whether the actual martial art is Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, etc.

Usually when we receive this question, we are simply being asked to provide reassurance that the Taekwondo we teach is a legitimate martial art. It is! In fact, it is an Olympic Sport.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art while Karate is a Japanese martial art. Both teach kicks, punches and other hand strikes. Both teach self defense skills and a set of disciplined sequences to demonstrate overall skills. Karate focuses a bit more on hand techniques while Taekwondo focuses a bit more on foot techniques.

Taekwondo is known for its dynamic kicking and punching as demonstrated in Olympic sparring.

Most important, when choosing a martial arts school, we recommend you focus less on Taekwondo vs Karate and focus most on the actual school and instructors. We encourage you to join us for a no obligation Trial Class so you can make an informed decision if our school is right for you. We look forward to meeting you!

Yes and we encourage you to do so! This is the best way for you to determine that Shiba TKD should be your new martial arts home! You and/or your kids may sign up here and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Oh yes!  We love our TKD kids!  We will love your kid! Martial arts provides lifelong benefits to kids. Time and again parents come to us to tell us how this has transformed their children in all the right ways.  We love our martial arts for kids!  Our instructors receive ongoing world class training as to how to best lead, instruct and nurture your child on the mats.

Absolutely! Because we do not test for belts on a pre-determined group schedule, you may begin at any time and immediately begin progressing at your own pace.

Our Tiny Tigers and Tigers participate in one class per week. For all others, your monthly installment pays for two regular Taekwondo classes per week. Please see our Class Schedule to see which two classes are most appropriate for you. Please note that there are occasional school closures, which may fall on one of your weekly classes, and these are already factored in to your monthly installment. Please see our Calendar to find the schedule of school closures.

If you choose to spar or try out for the Elite Competition Team, you will be participating in more classes with an additional fee.

We have very reasonable costs to include those for our elite competition classes. In addition, we do not require annual contracts and we do offer family discounts. Please contact us for a trial class and/or to discuss our class fees. We look forward to hearing from you!

Absolutely! We value families and believe it strengthens your family when you are able to participate together at Shiba TKD. We want to do all we can to make this possible for you.

Do you want to register 2 family members? We are able to discount by $5 both family members’ monthly tuition installments.

Do you want to register 3 or more family members? We will discount by $10 each family members’ monthly tuition installments.

Do you as a parent want to participate and you have 4 or more children already paying tuition to us? You are FREE! Join us! We can introduce you to many who are thankful they did!

We do not require you to sign a yearly contract!

Instead, the tuition is calculated ahead of time for a given 12 month period and you may pay monthly installments. All school closures (to include two weeks each summer and over the Christmas and New Year holidays) are already taken into account to determine your tuition. Please see our school calendar to plan ahead for all school closures.

At registration you will establish a bank withdrawal with us that automatically withdraws your monthly installment at the beginning of each month. If at any time you desire or need to disenroll, you must provide a 60 day notice to the business office.

See Instructor regarding military clause to this 60 day notice requirement.

You are always encouraged (but not required) to stay and watch your children in class! We have a few simple guidelines to show respect to your children and their fellow students – mainly we maintain a quiet atmosphere in the “peanut gallery” so each student may focus on learning and growing as a martial artist and person while on our mats.

Absolutely not! Come as you are. Always. We provide one of the best places for both you and your child to gain and continually improve your overall fitness level, coordination skills, and flexibility – over the course of a lifetime! All in an uplifting and positive environment. Martial arts for Kids!  One of the best choices you can make for them!

You are asking the right questions and this one is very important to us!

First, our instructors must understand what is unique about each age group to include how each group most effectively learns. In addition, they take the time to know each individual well enough to know how he/she most effectively learns. Every student, no matter their goals and abilities, receives individual attention. Our instructors embrace all of this!

Each instructor ensures that each student has a positive, uplifting experience at Shiba TKD – whether that student is with us for one class or several years.

Our instructors have the resources and training to help each student champion themselves and their individual goals. And they are committed to doing so!

Kwanjangnim Shiba ensures that each instructor also goes outside the school to receive additional training in both TKD specific and instructor specific skills. Again, our instructors embrace this and are continually looking to grow and improve as martial artists and instructors.

Additionally, after each class taught by an instructor other than Kwanjangnim Shiba, that instructor provides her feedback on the progress of each student in the class. No student falls through the cracks at Shiba TKD!

Our instructors are one of our greatest strengths at our school. You will be better for knowing and working with them!

We purposefully do not have a set belt testing schedule. You may progress at your own pace as you master each required skill and demonstrate the required knowledge for each belt. When you register, we will give you a testing sheet that lists the objective belt requirements from white belt through black belt. Your instructor takes the time to constantly test each student throughout each class. When your instructor sees that you seem to have met the requirements for a required skill, they will ask you to demonstrate it for them in class. If you do this successfully, they check off this requirement on your testing sheet. Once you have met all of the requirements for your next belt and a parent and one of your school teachers have approved your belt promotion, your instructor awards your belt in front of your TKD class. This is a very rewarding moment for all!

This depends upon your abilities, your willingness to practice outside of class, and the progress you make meeting the requirements for each belt leading up to black belt. Remember, a black belt is a white belt who never quit! You will each earn your black belt on your unique time line and you will each get there if you choose to keep on keeping on. We will do everything we can to make sure of it!

You keep on keeping on! We believe that there is a difference between “having” a black belt and “being” a black belt. We encourage you to be a black belt. If you are a black belt, you are practicing, learning, growing, improving and increasing your skills.

A black belt is a white belt who never quit. A black belt also understands, far more than a white belt can, that their journey to learn and grow has really just begun! We will provide you, as a black belt, every opportunity to do so!

In short, before you earn your black belt, yes, you will eventually need to spar. We at Shiba TKD are committed to developing well rounded martial artists and sparring is very much a part of Taekwondo. We have a requirement prior to entering the black belt prep phase that you gain knowledge in sparring. The only way to gain knowledge in sparring is to spar. Don’t worry though – there are different levels of sparring and we all work together to help you achieve your unique sparring goals based on your level of interest and physical capabilities. Participation in one of our sparring classes is not a testing requirement until the advanced belts. This gives you the opportunity to plan accordingly. We recognize and appreciate that each student’s journey in martial arts is different. We know that not every student who begins their martial arts’ journey will practice long enough to earn a black belt, though we hope that you will and we are here to help you achieve that goal! Since everyone who starts does not choose to progress to black belt, we don’t require that you purchase basic sparring gear until you are ready and until you understand Taekwondo enough to make the decision to push to black belt. At the same time, you do NOT need to wait until you are a higher belt to begin sparring. Many of our students know right away that it is for them and they choose to begin sparring class as soon as they earn their yellow belt – which is our minimum requirement.

Everyone is welcome at Shiba TKD! We all learn in our own way and our instructors are trained to work with each student right where they are. Whether your child has a physical or mental disability or has the goal to be a TKD Olympian or both, we have the resources and training to help them achieve their goals. Behavior wise, the same standard applies to all students – no student may consistently disrupt the learning environment of the other students in class. We will work with you – give us a call! Martial arts for all Kids!

At some point before earning your black belt, you are required to compete in just one tournament. This may be at the smallest of local tournaments or at the Utah State Championships – this is your choice completely. We believe that what you gain from getting on those mats in front of the judges, if for only one time, is worth more than six months of instruction.

This being said, we have no other competition requirement. This is a personal choice for you and it has no bearing whatsoever on your belt progression whether you choose to compete beyond our one tournament requirement.

Yes! If you are interested in competing, we have the resources to help you succeed. We have students who compete very successfully at all levels of competition. Our school is packed full of Utah State Champions and USA TKD National Champions. We have those who compete as yellow belts on up to the World Class Black Belt level.

Interested? Please go to Interested in Competing or see your instructor for more information.

Oh yes! Many of our parents decide to start TKD for the first time. Adults with no connections to our school also start for the first time – we have several!

See Adult Class page for a description of our adult classes. In addition, adults may instead choose to join the Open Class if it is more convenient schedule wise or if you are a parent who wants to participate with your children in the same class.

As a student, you bow to others simply out of respect. You bow to our instructors. Our instructors bow back. Why? Your instructor learns something from you with every interaction and bows back to you out of respect and as a thank you. You bow to other students who help you. They bow back. You bow to students you’re teamed up with. They bow back. It is always as a sign of respect and appreciation and never anything more. It is a privilege!