Service Projects

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Our students learn to be leaders amongst their peers, in their schools, in the workplace and in their communities.

One way our students intentionally practice what they learn through our Leadership Training is coordinating their own service project. You choose a project that is meaningful to you and that gives back to the community. Coordinating and implementing your project, with the guidance of your instructors, gives you real life leadership skills.

Much like a project manager, you coordinate externally with the organization you choose to serve and internally with your instructors and fellow students. You schedule, communicate needs and opportunities, recruit, train, assign, and inspire others to see the value of your project so they will choose to come alongside you. You show them why your project is worth their time and then you make it so!

As an added reward, these projects draw our school together to work towards a common goal. This helps us to be a family – the Shiba TKD family.


Past Service Project Examples

Service Project Gallery