Sport Poomsae

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1. USAT Poomsae Athletes’ Reference Guide (revised April 2011)

This is a short 9 page guide and is an extremely valuable resource for the Sport Poomsae Competitor.

Refer especially to:

Section 4: General Technical Guidelines

Section 5: Detailed technical stances (with drawings) along with detailed charts for hand techniques, kicks and stomps/kiyops

Section 6: Deductions.

Please note that the Compulsory Poomsae listed in Section 1 of this guide is for Black Belts – don’t panic if you are a color belt! Color belts please refer to pages 13 of the Poomsae Competition Rules Manual for the poomsae you are responsible to know for competitions. Your instructor will also help you determine this.

2. Poomsae Competition Rules Manual (revised May 2014)

This is a much longer guide and is a resource for referees. As a Sport Poomsae athlete, the most important resource to you in this guide is likely the Stances (sogi), Blocks (mahggi), Strikes (chi-gi) and Kicks (cha-gi) found on pages 45-78. These show, with drawings and descriptions, the correct movement along with the deduction factors of each.

You may also want to note the following:

Article 4: Contestants

Article 5: Classification of Competition

Article 6: Divisions by Gender and Age

Article 8: Recognized Poomsae (Which forms you are responsible to know for competition by belt. Of these forms, you will usually know which one(s) you will compete with at least a week prior to the competition).

Article 15: Scoring Criteria & Article 16: Methods of Scoring

Recognized Poomsae Scoresheet page 31