Women’s Self Defense
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A mother and her teenage daughter

“The seminar opened my eyes to a lot of things I had never thought about before. Now I feel more confident!”

16 year old participant

“Every woman, regardless of age, would benefit from Cherith’s self-defense workshop. She is extremely knowledgeable. You leave with a mental and physical knowledge that you didn’t walk in with.”

From a woman who participated with her adult daughter and teen granddaughters

“Way above and beyond my expectations. It also made me realize this is something we all need to be talking about.”

14 year old participant

“I think every woman, young or old, should take this class at least once. It was incredibly eye-opening, and if ever a situation of sexual assault comes up, this class has helped prepare me to defend myself. It gave me the tools I needed, both mental and physical, to overcome whatever may come.”

15 year old participant

“I recently attended a self defense class from Master Shiba and had no expectations going in. I was very impressed by Cherith and her class. She gave very practical information and statistics, we discussed realistic scenarios, and then got into the vocal & physical self-defense portions. I was very glad to get the actual hands-on portion and feel what it was really like to have to use all parts of my body to defend myself. I learnt a great deal and I think this is something every teenage girl should attend before going to college. It is a wonderful gift to give any mom, sister, daughter, aunt and you can never put a price on their safety.”

A woman who attended because her work takes her into potentially dangerous situations

“I now need to schedule a workshop for every woman in my life!”

Mom participating with her teen daughters